Thursday, December 29, 2011

My everyday look/ short post

I realized I never really post any of my everyday looks.
Im not always gyaru, udoli, ulzzang what have you
Im lazy easy breezy....
well if you call this easy breezy haha.
So yes this is my lazy look.
When I go out I go out and It is almost always movies or with friends around NYC I am more extreme with makeup, I think it shows a form of art on my face you know.
But I have other days with family and I want to be lazy-ish with my hasty makeup techniques.
So this is usually for weekdays or for fast trips, airplane rides for example.

I love the old Hollywood look and this can go for outings with my Boyfriend as well,
but I wear circle lens cause he is always staring into these boring old black eyes
lets change it from time to time yeah. Well that is at least for me cause he never minds if ever.

Now I love to have fun
I love to dress up, look like a doll and most times un-naturally with the eyes wigs and jewelry.
Cause at the end of the day I can take it all off be myself with the people closes to me.


Mew Mew said...

Woman you always look fab. loving the pink lip. Wish I could find a pink that suits me.

Glee said...

Thank you! There is a pink for everyone, good luck on your search >D

Angel Jewel said...

Hey ! Tagged you in a questions post :D