Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is that grunge gyaru?

Here is another Gyaru inspo post, mix with some punk or what have you.
Brings back highschool memories.

I don't like the new blogger Picture viewing
because you cant see the the whole big picture here.
Yes the no makeup face but luckily I have people that like me either way

Beauty blender and this foundation (and only a dab)
goes a long way for me and feels like nothing at all

Highlight goes a very long way as well
this and a dab of foundation is all I need.
I only do heavy makeup only to eyes,
even then its only for gyaru inspired things

Bronzer for some color/warmth

I wish this was less chalky and more creamy in the color
its still stark white-ish not even peach in tone.
Ill have to keep looking

Sparkle/sheer champagne

I love GOLDDD!!!!!
Only in the corners this time
I would of lined my eyes with black
but it gets itchy and is hard to take off.
And if I am not going to work this outside right now
so why bother

I need to get matte blush but this will do.

Also I could of done the lashes better (not glue but drawn it)
but I began like it. Kind of grunge looking

Gold, gold, gold high lights
One day ill get peach , and omg ORANGE.
Dont get me started on yellow.

Foundation on the side of lips

And done with that grunge gyaru look

Now I want to get my skulls and spikes and chains
Kind of like those d.i.a. belts, I bet they are expensive
But I'm a crafter, ill find a way around that.

Took off the hood and hair gets messy

And that is alright by me of course
it adds to the grunge look and as well with those messy lashes

Besides I like drawing in the lashes

One day ill get as good as her makeup.
Look at those drawn in lashes, so pro.
Shes a major makeup inspo to me.

Pfft compared to her this is a joke haha.
Ill get there Ill just claim this grunge for now.
(pulled of the bottom lashes here)


♥ BarbieEyes ♥ said...

Amazing make up ! Love it ! :)

TheLovelyIfy said...

Honestly, your make up looks fab! Idk what you're talking about. Anyone who says this look isn't gal needs to get punched in the face with a chair.

lol @ the Ned Flanders reference XD

Glee said...

Thank you gals again, so much <3

I lol at the chair part and bet you could here Ned say it over and over again. XD

Tommy said...

This make up is absulutely wonderful ~~!! So much vibrant color in your hair, eyes, face (and the little mustache you made haha^^ flander much ? XD)

ALikeAnita said...

beautiful !!!!!!!!!

Glee said...

Thank you guys so much <3
*kind of want to get that tattoo on my finger now XD*

Unknown said...

Cuuuuute *w* I love this style on you! Consider me a fan <3

Miz Marie said...

I love your blog!!! :)
Your beautiful without makeup!
can you visit my blog?

Going to have a giveaway in a month and going to review a bunch of cosmetics, skincare and lensvillage circlelens! :)

Glee said...

Sweet , I love to have as much reviews I can get with circle lens. ^^