Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I forgot to say (update on my cancer)

Its just a quick update but later I have some review on the new elf lipsticks and circle lens , maybe even a step by step make up tut but only for here most likely. I already mentioned the good news on my DA but forgot about my bloggers >.< (so sorry) so ill copy and paste here.

So I went to my oncologist and he literally said "well, you dont need to come back anymore" I shrieked "YES!!!.... I mean....ill miss you guys". He then proceed to say as he chuckled "we get that all the time we dont take it personally. But maybe come back once in awhile (which is maybe once a year/ 2years) but as of right now your scans are clean and you are fully cured and its a slim change of coming back especially since I didn't take the road down the radiation path" Which could of raised my chances of breast cancer. I was smiling ear to ear. My mom shook hands and was like "well you look happy" and so did another patient. I hoped she gets the same luck as and get well, and I told her so which is strange of me, i'm not really that good with talking to people even when wishing them well.

This whole week, was so awesome. I mean from yesterday and today it made my whole month. I realized yet again, that feeling I would have when sharing with friends. It could be a present , object or night.
So that is it im clean of cancer (still have to proceed with caution obviously) and have a low chance of it coming back, of course I see life as different but.....it still didn't hit me. For years now since this started I feel as if i'm living in a dream. When I first found out I had cancer it didnt feel real and still dont. I can blame that on my family even though they saw it as a huge deal they never really mentioned or treated me that way. We went as normal so I felt normal...except when sick but other than that life is still a dream for me......I wonder when ill wake up. Not sure if I want to cause I like this dream.

So now what? I plan to pay off my loans 2 years from now, I was pulled out of school and couldnt go back. With that I have loans to pay and dont even have a degree to show for it even if Id only had 2 months left to finish. Well that is life its not only fair ill just move forward. After I pay off my loans then ill go back to school.....with caution though im not planning to take out another loan again.


TheLovelyIfy said...

Omg Philicia, I'm so happy for you! That is such terrific news! I'm really glad to hear that everything went well! When I first heard you had cancer during the udoli days, I was so shocked I could not believe it. You never really seemed phased by it judging through your internet persona which is a great thing about you! I love that you are so strong and you don't let even big things like this weaken you. You're amazing and good luck with paying back those loans!

Anonymous said...

omg im soo happy for you! this is lisa from G_S, i'll be following your blog now! i know how that feels,being with out my hearing aids is a dream but i would call it a bad dream, more like a nightmare following me where ever i go LOL soo having them is like reality XD kind of the complete opposite of wht u said buuut i get it ^^ happy for yooouu \^-^/

Lilian said...

Congrats! God has big plans for you; you don't even gotta question. :)

Glee said...

Thank you gals!!!!
All of you.
I should of checked here sooner to respond <3

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! Ahhh-- that's such good news! I'm sure any amount of congrats and such cannot match how much elation you felt/are feeling at this amazing news~~.

I'm so glad you've got a clean bill of health in that way~.

Glee said...

^///^ you guys are amazing
Thanks so much Nox <3

MyuMyu said...

Thats such good news!!!!! I was shocked when i read this post b/c I didn't know you had cancer. Wow. You are a trooper girl!!! (^_^)

phillicia deanell said...

Daw thank you so much <3