Thursday, December 29, 2011

My everyday look/ short post

I realized I never really post any of my everyday looks.
Im not always gyaru, udoli, ulzzang what have you
Im lazy easy breezy....
well if you call this easy breezy haha.
So yes this is my lazy look.
When I go out I go out and It is almost always movies or with friends around NYC I am more extreme with makeup, I think it shows a form of art on my face you know.
But I have other days with family and I want to be lazy-ish with my hasty makeup techniques.
So this is usually for weekdays or for fast trips, airplane rides for example.

I love the old Hollywood look and this can go for outings with my Boyfriend as well,
but I wear circle lens cause he is always staring into these boring old black eyes
lets change it from time to time yeah. Well that is at least for me cause he never minds if ever.

Now I love to have fun
I love to dress up, look like a doll and most times un-naturally with the eyes wigs and jewelry.
Cause at the end of the day I can take it all off be myself with the people closes to me.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Im stuck here/ which to choose

Well since I am kind of stuck here not knowing if the agency will get through for my vacation, I gave up for a second and started drawing something I always want to do that seems like a gyaru vibe. I have pictures of others done from another artist on a gyaru site but dont really have permission to post such, but I have seen this on DA floating around as avatar pictures way back.

Still I'm not really drawing cause its drawing over the picture aka copying?
You know kind of like vector works
yet still its not cheating so much.
I free styled on the hair and other added details. Any who, I am glad I have one of my on works now (but dont call it vector...Because I cheated and did not use shapes.

Now I'm here like "which one is best?" I cant decide.
The grey is old school and how its suppose to be,
the color gives a bit of life yet looses that style.

Im thinking
maybe I should make a whole blog redesign with this as well
maybe even do one of these pictures for a friend.

Looks weird looking at the before and after
I edited in more lashes to see how it would look
so later Ill have a guide you know.

Well on the topic of photoshop
What is your level of using it on your photos with the chart below.
(this chart in the future is how we are going to scale the amount of photoshopping that is done on celebrities in magazines)

Im of course the first level.
The others seems to not only smooth the imperfections but reshape parts of the photograph like nose , teeth , chin , forehead.....
I just correct lighting and even tone (and most times bags).
I thought this chart would be fun to mention.
God I want to get out of america <<
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is that grunge gyaru?

Here is another Gyaru inspo post, mix with some punk or what have you.
Brings back highschool memories.

I don't like the new blogger Picture viewing
because you cant see the the whole big picture here.
Yes the no makeup face but luckily I have people that like me either way

Beauty blender and this foundation (and only a dab)
goes a long way for me and feels like nothing at all
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

e.Lips.f. review and application

So I finally got my lens in the mail in which have gave me inspiration to do makeup and a review on the cheap 1$ e.l.f. lipsticks at my local target.

I have four out of six.
I couldn't find the others, I mean it is only 1$
I could buy a whole collection with that.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I forgot to say (update on my cancer)

Its just a quick update but later I have some review on the new elf lipsticks and circle lens , maybe even a step by step make up tut but only for here most likely. I already mentioned the good news on my DA but forgot about my bloggers >.< (so sorry) so ill copy and paste here.

So I went to my oncologist and he literally said "well, you dont need to come back anymore" I shrieked "YES!!!....
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