Thursday, September 8, 2011

Makeup Mirror review/Picture whoring

I have gotten my package in the mail and its my "Ott Lite Makeup Mirror". Its been awhile since I have been searching for lighting (for makeup and videos) and I think I have found it.
I couldn't wait to use it so I slapped on some gyaru makeup testing the mirror and let me tell you. Its true to showing EVERYTHING o0.
The horror.

I ordered from Joann fabrics and it shipped out 2 days later (it was a labor day weekend when I ordered it) and reached me 2 days later XD

Yes it bends backwards to store. Maybe even travel

There is imperfections here and there but that do not matter to me.
Though this design matches my sheets flawlessly

The light is defiantly true to every color and its easy to replace the bulb online. I think its about 8$ and the mirror have two sides. Normal and 5x

Time for the picture whore to come out

Lens is dolly eye greys

Here I mixed it in with my normal lamp I've always used.
See how washed out with orange it is? Cant even see my makeup.

This mirror is so perfect. Like I said it shows everything from your pores to you upper lip hair. Yeah I said it everyone has it calm down.
Now it is easier to get rid of it.
Also you wont look a fool going out with makeup done in this mirror.

Well that was a quick review. Peace out.


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wooow. o: That is an AWESOME mirror! Especially for viedo and pics.

And yeah-- my best friend's mother has an AMAZING mirror, too, with the 1000X zoom. (I never knew how awful my pores looked until I used the thing. ; _ ; Haha)

As always, your makeup is sublime~~~~. <33 Someday, I, too, will know what the hell I'm doing with my face. xD

Glee said...

haha you make your face seems like its running away from makeup.

I wish you can have some of my makeup skillz and I can have some of your wardrobe and circle lens haha.

Chrissy Grier said...

Sorry but those contacts are the absolute worst, they're so distracting from the shape of your eyes and beautiful bone structure. #cheekbonesfordays

If they make you happy, do you, but honestly (my opinion) they look a hot mess.