Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ben Nye Lumiere palette/gyaru pictys too

So I got my Ben Nye Lumiere Palette and Ben Nye seal spray in the mail.
I also got some clothing from forever 21...but im not going to review that, don't think I ever will. At least not until I refill a whole closet of new clothes. Now on ben Nye, It is my tip top go to company for makeup (cruelty free as well), and if performers can wear it then I can wear it, with less makeup of course.
Yes its a clown makeup store if you care for that in any negative way....go now please, I recommend it. The site is fast with shipping the site also is a bit confusing but you get it later on and the shipping was around 10$ which is not bad at all. All came up to around 73$

The brush sucks for makeup but its nice for anything else , even nail polish

Here is the final seal spray and let me tell you, this is better than any other spray that keeps your makeup on and not budge by far. Some girl of my color tried it, lay on a white T shirt and no foundation was left on that T shirt. That is a big problem with me and faux fur in the winter, I mean it is worn by performers who does go on stage with those hot beaming lights and then you start sweating. And only for 7$ this spray "final seal"? pfft sold.

You can also use it with water to make it iridescent /cant find a word right now.

My only problem is its a bit delicate, the silver crumbled a bit cause of my nails.

See the color in between and under the green and orange?
I mixed then together and the mixing is perfect

Mixed it again with blue and yellow.

Here is where I added water

Picture whoring time

Still practicing on the Gyaru makeup
This is my favorite wig of almost all that I have owned.
Have to get this one again its so soft, so natural looking and it fits my face well.
that is all I need.....Oh...and its big hair.
I do not care if it is not gyaru hair,
gyaru hair don't fit me as well as this kind of hair

I plan to get these lens in grey. Cant wait.

I guess here is some F21 stuff, the beanie and pants



TheLovelyIfy said...

Man. Those colors look beautiful against your skin :o I'm jelly because I've been wanting ben nye eyeshadows since I started getting into make up. they're so pretty and bright!

Glee said...

You really should get it. <3

Anonymous said...

Woww love the make ! your eyelash practice is going friggin amazingg, keep up the good work! try to get closer to tht inner eye lid everyday i know it gets annoying but your'e doing GREAT n i LOVE tht hair on you! fits yu well~ but im curious what your clothes style is... what japanese gyaru brands do yu like??