Sunday, July 10, 2011

Choco un-united (random thought0

Edit: Oh what im saying is. Dont stress yourself out about people not liking you, or something in relation. It wont change anything ignorance dont change. It looks as if im complaining or something. Just read in a positive note

Dear choco people of earth

You know that time when your the only choco person around and you see something that no one else sees but if you see something no one else sees its considered over reacting

You know that random anime for when you go to anime conventions you see a crowd of fans with flags and outfits to fit the country. Why (yes you guessed it) there is nothing of black decent....Oh wait there is one
The smallest population of any African state.
(hey if there is another tell me of their importance)

Why? Well I was told that black is not considered attractive from where this is and you know what it is true, anywhere to be exact. Not to say its truth or mostly fact but for them it is, for main stream it is so as well I mean look at Bollywood. Just have to live with that.....not saying we should not say anything...still what is that going to do.

(all this for an anime? haha not really)

There wont be a day that black is considered beautiful, unless something dramatic happens. But face it when was the last time that happened before obama where they clearly tried to bring the white out from him? So here we are just sitting waiting for something to happen when in truth we are suppose to make it happen. So I guess we should just live with it. I hear you are more happier without the media and money. That woman that lived without spending money for 15 years said she is happier than ever....also healthier. Maybe one day ill be like that.....kind of looking forward to 2012. Could be new life or new media leaving the old to be dead. Starting a new that would be a good idea , and the only thing that can make all the media haha.

-random thought


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

I... didn't even know Hetalia had ANY African nations. wow. o:

And excellent entry: it's always nice to know that other blogger's can think deeply. (I shouldn't be one to talk: I never make personal entries on my own blog. >.>')

Glee said...

Your eyes are personal for me. You are basically being a guinea pig for others and for yourself. XD <3.

I didnt know as well, I had to look it up to make sure I dont make a mistake.