Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wearing the gyaru wig

But not with gyaru makeup I guess you Can call this ulzzang?
No photoshop here. Too lazy.

I never touch my eyebrows, one day.
Look how long the wig last , I wear it weekends almost every one.
I think the wig stand did justice

Well lets just call this a "picture spam" post. Need to do more of those
by the way, I have it up in the back for dancing easier in the party.

okay okay ill put up my tacky outfit XD

Short pants with stockings and a corset top.
I love corsets I need more.


Raye said...

I know how you feel about eyebrows xD Most people are most nervous about wearing contacts but for me it's my brows! I'm terrified I'll shave them off or something lol.

Glee said...

I'm afraid of the same and of them never growing back the way they should. haha

Amy said...

I like your pictures!! But maybe it's the lighting, the wig seems kinda unhealthy looking. How much did you buy it for?? I get a lot of my wigs from and honestly, i think you can find better qualities there.