Monday, May 30, 2011

Bring out the faker

Edit: Nov 2012 haha.
I was suppose to edit this long time ago but at the time google or blogger was acting up. SO I gave but I'm back now on my word. Its something I wanted to happen, this person have changed and have apologizes and even though it was after a long time that dont matter. Time heals and helps and gladly it helped her. We are humans we make mistakes.

Im not going to take this down....why? To show that yes you can change for the better and maybe this post will help others. Don't give up and try to be the best you can be OMG THAT WAS SO CHEESY!!!.

Edit: May 31 the next day
I wanted her to come to me. I would of gladly took this down (I did leave a last comment for her before she did that to her account), talk help out something. Instead she erased her Deviant art account, guess she cant prove me wrong and on top of that do not want to learn from her mistakes. I wanted to take this down but I feel that wouldnt be right and wouldn't be realistic. Its a shame really shes only one year younger than me. When is she going to grow up and evolve if she is going to handicap herself like this. Ill use this experience and this post to help other artist.
Learn from her mistakes dont let tracing define you , use it as a tool to practice.
I dont have a problem with it. You learn from it, grow from it and soon add what you have to make it your own when it comes to style , fashion, music and even art. Now dont let it take over you, it is okay to learn from it but not take it entirely. You have to use it as a tool to grow and build your passion to your own unique style. Obviously not everyone knows this?

If you dont like people being put on the spot dont pass this sentence.
also I am mostly assuming , but the evidence is 90% on my side....maybe 80% people can improve.

-Kairi Mori

aka sweetlolikaikai aka skater-noxie is a self proclaimed artist....lolita artist. Her DeviantArt is full of beautiful art. They all are different in styles and dont look like the same person drew them but people style change in short periods. I mean your anime art is fine but your realism is perfect?

I do lurk on the secrets forms. Enough about me, one of kairi mori artworks have been posted there.
**Alert: the pictures that is posted is not owned by me, I have never said it was and am not using it for a promotion, sales, or of any kind to gain profit**

This was posted on Deviantart. I like to give advice when im on there.
Oh and I have.

If you cant read it
"(I saw your post on your live journal about selling suck works and saw the original photo.)
This looks like this was just painted over the picture which is why you need a crisp photo(youll see in another picture post) on(meant in) general. An artist can take plenty photo ref and make the art, not copy it.
Another example is everything is exact in the photo. No original place at all except that star you turned around. And that came out to be awkward and missing its original lighting. There is no freestyle here at all. I think next time try without the trace over and keep doing this. Youll get better at it eventually. On L_S it have been told you have done this before. That is fine as long as you mention it in such way or mention it as practice."

Now that wasnt harsh was it?
I didnt call it crap or call it cheating you know what the trolls do. I told her copying is okay just mention it or freestyle a bit.
Of course you know where im going. Im going here

You think my comment was spam. No answer no "I didit" nothing!
I could of gone with a spam but a note or responce to it. I understand it can be embarrassing. But leave comments off, dont just except the AWESOME, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL comments. just click spam and by she did..
You know what pisses me off? A FAKER.

"Honest critique from a friend is worth more than a meaningless "cute" or "nice" from ppl you never speak to." -her words

And you know what else pisses me off. Fakers who makes money over it claiming to be an illustrator
((At ahslee. If you want me to take you off my blog comment I will))
People don't need to spend money$ to do this they can do it themselves. Unless they don't have the materials for such. Then mention that don't mislead.

And if you still do not believe look on L_S , they have an animation of it picture over picture. Only thing that changed was what I commented on and the chin.

Oh I am not going to stop there. You see that pullip looking one "alice and wonderland WIP 2"
whats to say she took a picture and went over that. Actually "I think" that is what she did. Look at her old then new, everything that looks like a photo maybe is a photo. How can she know lighting in that black and white picture and when it comes to the "sweet Lolita" on that one independent star....she cant get it or even in her anime drawing. You just don't forget your rules. I do not know her but if she is fake with this and do not want to admit it then I don't want to know her.


Anonymous said...

You're a sad, petty, ugly, attention whore. I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, but I would shit on you.

Glee said...

Thats cool by me ^^

Kairi Mori said...

Hey you know what I found this by accident.
but you know you're totally right in calling me out.
ashlee asked me to make a painting. I just copied it exactly and yeah it was a shit thing to do. But since I wasn't asking payment for it, I thought it wouldn't matter :(
I was a terrible person...
But since this incident i've grown up a lot.
Being called out was the best thing to happen.
I have made stupid mistakes but I decided that if I am ever going to make a change I gotta admit to my past shit. Yes I traced an outline of the photo and filled it in. Out of PURE laziness.

But I decided that it's time to put that crap behind me and move on if I want to be seen as a professional Illustrator

I still make realism paintings but I do them the honest way.

I still design, but I do it from scratch.

I shudder to think of the person I would have been if I wouldn't have taken your comments on board.
and I respect and thank you for saying what you said, no matter how hard it was for me to accept.

I'd really appreciate it if you could find it in you to forgive my stupid actions so I can move on and put this stupid mistake behind me.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Of course I can forgive you <3. If only blogger can make me edit this post I would put and update <.<

Kairi Mori said...

Thanks so much. I honestly can't thank you enough for it!
I never meant to be so dishonest because I would like to see myself as a professional someday. and I guess I ran away instead of dealing with it.
So it means a lot that you can forgive me. <3 I'm really not a cheat or a faker just a lazy idiot who made some mistakes and is willing to rectify them.