Sunday, April 10, 2011

Puffy 3 tone/ G&G / Shiny aqua & Grey

video is here
These lens have a huge tittle don't they. Well in my book they deserve it. I love them to death though more on the Grey side...But its a shame cause I adore blue its my favorite color.
Wig and lashes review will come later- you can click the images for a closer look

With pictures there comes 1000 words. Who said its from you and only from you

Comfort: 5/5
If you clean it before it goes in your eye then you going to be fine
(same for when putting them back in the case)
Color: 5/5
It have the natural and the obvious. I get told I have pretty eyes
then other time I get told awesome contacts. I guess it depends on your lighting
Enlargement: 3/5
Not too big not too small and you don't get the blur like in 14.2 and under
You don't look like an alien but it still gives enlargement.
3 is not a bad number just its just in the middle and best of both worlds
Come back again: 5/5
Hells yes ill buy this again

Anyone- From cosplay to a day out.


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

O: Those Puffy/Shiny Blue are so vibrant! <33

And both colours look amazing on you. C: As per usual, you look fantastic, and the lenses just as amazing.

Glee said...

Thank you nox <3

Naija Barbie said...

I love the gray ones. They remind me of a fierce cat <3

Pierre1940 said...

pourquoi tu ne veux plus etre mon amie

Pierre1940 said...

re├žois cette rose