Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think its a gyaru wig

*put that tongue back in*
video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zEW9l5kksA
you can click the images for a closer look
Do not you? Its not too full but I think it looks like a Gyaru wig. I didnt do too much on the eye details and all. just a quick (very quick) makeup put together.

The con of this wig? When it gets in your eyes it hurts, and think of that with lens on. Its a bit annoying but the style just lets me put it back on again

Im going to wear this throughout my Boston trip this week end ^^

Shipping is about 3 - 4 days

This ebay seller you get to choose 3 Red Cherry lashes out of 30 pictures for a price of 6$ about 2$ shipping. The sellers name is shopstick168 and it came in no time. Maybe 4 days.

Baby Hair


TheLovelyIfy said...

That wig is super cute! It's definitely gal! Nice choice!

Glee said...

Thank you Crystal

Naija Barbie said...

It looks great on you, perfect

Glee said...


Amy said...

i like your review!! It's very nice :) i always buy my wig from HimeCastle because they have a lot of japanese gyaru style wigs. if you are into gyaru wigs like me, you gotta check out their website!! I hope you can do more wig reviews :)