Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Im not vegan but I act like one

Well not vegan in general but the route I take is always in a natural way.
Like makeup, SPF and oils.

Now as an African American I am prone to skin discoloration around my chin , armpits* I think is the worst* and eyes. I search long and *ahem*....long to find something that would get rid of it naturally...or get rid of most. I have became an natural addict for the past 2 years. It just started growing on me , and thats because of my hair journey.

So do that equal to one step is enough to change the future steps?
I think its a nice push for example , I don't like to exercise but if I just start with the legs and get good at it and used to it. I can start with the stomach next, arms, and then the whole body. It do get easy cause of the steps I take. Back to the vitamins and oils.

I have ordered for luckyvitamin.com
When they shipped it Monday I have gotten it Thursday which is today. Very good site well organized and cheap shipping around the New York area. I think around 5$

Now this is not a review but a preview. Im going to test these and use these for the next three months. This is to avoid makeup products that is harmful to my health and this will help in saving money. Like you know when a moisturizer claim to be perfect and always contain something like "infused with olive oil , jojoba oil , grapeseed oil" so.....why dont you just buy those for half the price? AND skip the chemicals.

My skin = Normal.
Only have problems on the menstrual days
My skin do not like green tea rubbed on its face. It could be the company or the tea itself. Ill just never do that again Im left with a scar.

Badger-Sunblock Lip Water Resistant 15 SPF
0.15 oz

Cost = 2.53$
On SPF its fairly safe
Here is where I rate my SPF products

1 best 7 worst and harmful
This is rated a 2

It leaves a white cast. Not good for my colored lips. Ill rub a bit in under my usual lip balm when out only. The smell is a bit cocoa butter coconut
Eco-friendly and all natural

Now Foods - E-oil double strenth d-alpha tocopherol 32000 IU

1 oz. - 5.94$
(non synthetic that is important )
"Synthetic vitamin E derived from petroleum products"
that means it can clog your pores and the oil is not pure natural vitamin oil And that is what I wanted, usually they are expensive, this is the cheapest so far.
What I bought it for? To take away my scars and uneven skin tone.
When I get an even skin tone, you know what that means , less makeup and layering of products more hydration and more money. Do not forget you can take it as a daily supplement to clean you from the inside out.
Texture is sticky , but mix it with another oil like olive oil and it will smooth out.
I suggest letting it soak in before doing anything else , which would take some time. but that is worth it. Your skin will feel so damn soft , it is not even raining out side........yeah.

The taste? Pretty normal and vitamin-y, oily of course, not sour or bitter just natural.

I trust the Now Foods company they are awesome with 100% natural products

Avocado oil MIXED with jojoba oil
*mixed it myself and didn't buy form the site but awhile ago*
jojoba oil is my acne trickery. Read up on it
Avocado Oil - elasticity and hydration
*side note coconut oil and grapeseed oil is for makeup removal and quick bath moisturizer.
I use them when still wet out the tub and I stopped for some reason using the oils. Im back on them now*

Nubian Heritage - shea butter Infused with black soap extract, oats & Aloe

4 oz. - 8.51$
dude this smells so damn good oh my goodness.
It smelled so good on my neck (when I tested it) all day.

What am I using this for?
Mostly the Shea butter. This product is 98% organic , that is enough percentage for me.
I have stretch marks and with this and vitamin e oil I cant loose right? Actually it have vitamin e oil. "Reducing acne (especially in combination with African Black Soap)" and I dont have acne but prevention is key yes. Its great for healing as well.Very hard texture yet creamy but it can melt (wait till summer)
Like I said the smell is perfume-ish but like a butter smell, you can smell the Shea in it and the black soap, but more like it have been hyped up

This is my priced piece
DeVita - Natural skin care Solar body block 30 SF
6oz. -17.15$ *a steal cause everywhere I look for it is 20 up)

Rated 1 on the scale
one of the best sunscreen moisturizers Its also Vegan cant beat that. No smell (maybe because im still smelling my shea butter)
goes on smooth and when left soak in nicely
I love it already

So ill take pictures of my stitches scars, my stupid pimple scar , my stretch marks and will not go pass that to my arm pits, that you may see the after if it goes well.

To clean my face im using backing soda just to let you know.