Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I finally reached

Finally reached the do not give a thought *insert profanity*mentality. I do not use profanity cause I want some kind of class. Love classy yet edgy you know. But i`m there. My birthday is just on the 6th , and i`m at that time and age *yeah i`m young* to not give a thought anymore.

Hence the pictures , my hair. I had a thing with my hair. Do not like showing it. But this year I think ill do so more. I love being natural . Still do not like the touching. My BF can though he loves me natural.

But soon this blog would be filled with hard thoughs of not caring of anyones feelings. No one cares for mine, why did I grow up thinking everyone else matter except my own.

Will be doing a lens review on those lens and soon to come i`ll be doing wig reviews. I don`t know I have allot to do this year.