Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do doing this change your race

I don't think you get the point: As a "Caucasian" woman (and I am choosing my words very carefully here, for if I write "white" or "black" I will be considered as a racist...) I don't lie in a sunbed because I want to look like a "coloured" woman! I lie in the sunbed for golden skin gives a nice and healthy glow to my complexion; you know, the "California beach Babe" kind of look! But I don't die my hair black and wear brown contact lenses! I am proud to be "Caucasian" and am embracing it. It doesn't seem to be the same thing for somebody like Beyoncé, and many other "colored" girls! They straighten their hair and die it blonde, wear blue contacts, bleach their skin for they are trying to get away from the natural looks and features that come with their

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This is a response to beyouce basically turning white
*she also did black face recently*
And I have to agree.

Its not a problem if we want to look different
different shirt , hair , shoes , But 80% of us? that is like a cult (cant find a better word and i`m just pulling numbers out my ass still I think its close to true)

You know the difference between bleaching your skin and tanning.
Tanning you can get just by walking into the sun fall into a tub of bleach I guess.
Also have you seen a Caucasian woman perm her hair to get a Afro?
*I have seen Asians do it*
No they usually wear a wig but bet you its for Halloween or some fun event.
I mean.....what do that mean to you?*dont forget clown colored wigs*

I dont even know how I ran into this form.
Oh wait it was the black face she did for (dont quote me) cover girl .
So in concultion the problem with us colored girls *including Asians if you do not know*
Is "the lighter way is the easier way." And yes that is true read the article she mentions the doll test and also see what all the thumbs downs are and what the thumbs ups comments are.

We are in denial
the excuse of I can do what I want the way I look what have you that always comes up
*and yes you can but.....*
And the throw on Caucasians on tanning and....well I guess the butt implants.
About the implants, that is no excuse look at the paintings and beauty back then curves were in and just is coming back. The hair you can throw away cause no matter the term they always go back , a perm is hard to do so and usually the person never get off the crack. And the excuse of "its too hard to take care of" is a shame. Its PURE shame that most of the black community cant even take chance to find out how to tame their hair. And yet dont own the businesses to take care of our own natural or artificial hair. What say you when the weave you have is not even from the black point of view on how to fix and treat and carry on the healthy route.
I mean we should know what we want right?
*Its very easy to do natural I must say. Its like riding a bike, hard at first to balance*

But most cant take the blame. The media wants what the media wants.
But only cause we want it that way.
And my hair is not straight and I dont buy expensive weave or wigs.
My wigs are my hats and they protect my real hair. Soon it will be hard to fit them.
*still will try though I love different styles to choose and it gives my hair chance to grow, breath and take care of itself*
Still I have fell hard on what to do with my hair , cause like the 80% and I am sure its more,
my mother believed the false of how hard it is to take care of my hair and 5 years ago I just let it grow back and i`m never going back to that crack.

I dont think we will ever change.

edit: haha below this post straight hair and blue eyes.
My favorite color is blue, sue me. Actually Grey looks good on me
reviews on that soon, just took more footage today


Angel Jewel said...

It is actually really sad. I've always adored women of color, asian, african, indian, etc. They are some of the MOST beautiful women in the world. I don;t understand alot of women want to look like white women? I guess I understand the media having an effect on it, but why can't women just accept themselves for who they are. It's sad we can't walk around with afros without our OWN women bashing us for doing so. We are not born with the silky long hair white and indian women have, so why are we so ashamed of our own. I love my hair, and i felt so powerful and gorgeous with my afro, but i guess many women will never get to experience that :(