Thursday, December 29, 2011

My everyday look/ short post

I realized I never really post any of my everyday looks.
Im not always gyaru, udoli, ulzzang what have you
Im lazy easy breezy....
well if you call this easy breezy haha.
So yes this is my lazy look.
When I go out I go out and It is almost always movies or with friends around NYC I am more extreme with makeup, I think it shows a form of art on my face you know.
But I have other days with family and I want to be lazy-ish with my hasty makeup techniques.
So this is usually for weekdays or for fast trips, airplane rides for example.

I love the old Hollywood look and this can go for outings with my Boyfriend as well,
but I wear circle lens cause he is always staring into these boring old black eyes
lets change it from time to time yeah. Well that is at least for me cause he never minds if ever.

Now I love to have fun
I love to dress up, look like a doll and most times un-naturally with the eyes wigs and jewelry.
Cause at the end of the day I can take it all off be myself with the people closes to me.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Im stuck here/ which to choose

Well since I am kind of stuck here not knowing if the agency will get through for my vacation, I gave up for a second and started drawing something I always want to do that seems like a gyaru vibe. I have pictures of others done from another artist on a gyaru site but dont really have permission to post such, but I have seen this on DA floating around as avatar pictures way back.

Still I'm not really drawing cause its drawing over the picture aka copying?
You know kind of like vector works
yet still its not cheating so much.
I free styled on the hair and other added details. Any who, I am glad I have one of my on works now (but dont call it vector...Because I cheated and did not use shapes.

Now I'm here like "which one is best?" I cant decide.
The grey is old school and how its suppose to be,
the color gives a bit of life yet looses that style.

Im thinking
maybe I should make a whole blog redesign with this as well
maybe even do one of these pictures for a friend.

Looks weird looking at the before and after
I edited in more lashes to see how it would look
so later Ill have a guide you know.

Well on the topic of photoshop
What is your level of using it on your photos with the chart below.
(this chart in the future is how we are going to scale the amount of photoshopping that is done on celebrities in magazines)

Im of course the first level.
The others seems to not only smooth the imperfections but reshape parts of the photograph like nose , teeth , chin , forehead.....
I just correct lighting and even tone (and most times bags).
I thought this chart would be fun to mention.
God I want to get out of america <<
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is that grunge gyaru?

Here is another Gyaru inspo post, mix with some punk or what have you.
Brings back highschool memories.

I don't like the new blogger Picture viewing
because you cant see the the whole big picture here.
Yes the no makeup face but luckily I have people that like me either way

Beauty blender and this foundation (and only a dab)
goes a long way for me and feels like nothing at all
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

e.Lips.f. review and application

So I finally got my lens in the mail in which have gave me inspiration to do makeup and a review on the cheap 1$ e.l.f. lipsticks at my local target.

I have four out of six.
I couldn't find the others, I mean it is only 1$
I could buy a whole collection with that.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I forgot to say (update on my cancer)

Its just a quick update but later I have some review on the new elf lipsticks and circle lens , maybe even a step by step make up tut but only for here most likely. I already mentioned the good news on my DA but forgot about my bloggers >.< (so sorry) so ill copy and paste here.

So I went to my oncologist and he literally said "well, you dont need to come back anymore" I shrieked "YES!!!....
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ben Nye Lumiere palette/gyaru pictys too

So I got my Ben Nye Lumiere Palette and Ben Nye seal spray in the mail.
I also got some clothing from forever 21...but im not going to review that, don't think I ever will. At least not until I refill a whole closet of new clothes. Now on ben Nye, It is my tip top go to company for makeup (cruelty free as well), and if performers can wear it then I can wear it, with less makeup of course.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Udoli-esque, fros out to play

I let my hair out again for the weekend, just done my weekly wash today and had it out yesterday and the day before that
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art tutorial

So im kind of whoring out my tutorial since its a new channel.....I'm not sure if I should mention it on my main channel.

and here is my cosplay one

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Makeup Mirror review/Picture whoring

I have gotten my package in the mail and its my "Ott Lite Makeup Mirror". Its been awhile since I have been searching for lighting (for makeup and videos) and I think I have found it.
I couldn't wait to use it so I slapped on some gyaru makeup testing the mirror and let me tell you. Its true to showing EVERYTHING o0.
The horror.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parade 2011

The parade was great.
Here are before pictures. My cousin have all the afters.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

My cosplay "Chun li"

So I am testing out my cosplay and are not sure if finished yet
but it can be worn out as cosplay anyway.
I'm in Canada for a really big convention, so surly might be swarmed like last time.
This is the secound time on a official costume play, last was yuna. And the reason I say this is because it is the secound time I have used a sewing machine and my own design combined with the original cosplay design.
Ill never do a exact cosplay unless I look like the character or it fits my persona. In summary I do alternatives because usually i'm so much different from the character and in effect it fits me perfectly every time. As a black cosplayer you have to change things to fit you.

Example I would never wear a yellow wig...BUT ill wear a blond-ish yellow wig that would fit my skin tone and with this rule youll be the best character and still be called that character. I got comments on how I fit chunli well. Well with this rule...OF COURSE!
I want to do a tutorial on cosplay for the opposites.

I have done a video on the makeup application.
It was more of a practice though to warn you.

In this video I video whore the cosplay
I am a natural cam whore.....only alone though
oops a string

This was so much fun.
For an estimate: about 140$
Time: 5 days a week 4 hrs a day started around spring maybe march.
everything down to the painting of the details that is in gold, the buns of flowers, the chain of gems, the bottom and top was done by me
white shirt= forever 21
fall tights= eBay
laced up sneakers = eBay
cheerleader bloomers = Internet
spikes = Halloween shop

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another short post BBcream alternative

Well my camera is still getting fixed or on its way so im just here waiting for it to come back along with lens Ive been waiting for in a whole month now. or whatever the site is (thanks Noxin for the response forgot why I didn't respond).
But thats not the point of this post. This is a BBcream alternative. Its called

Boo-Boo cover up

Hey looks like bb cream (boo-boo cover)

It heals while you cover up your scars.
Not recommended for around the eyes though.
This hits closer to home, but again I only see one shade of color
figures right.

Well at least you know whats in it
and maybe this would be easier to mix with your foundation.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some kind of update

I have to take down some of my youtube videos *even a new one* to get away from copyrighting.
So maybe Ill use this blogger thing here to see if it works out for the better. Later on I may put all my old videos and maybe link it on top. If not, well I can always do them over.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Choco un-united (random thought0

Edit: Oh what im saying is. Dont stress yourself out about people not liking you, or something in relation. It wont change anything ignorance dont change. It looks as if im complaining or something. Just read in a positive note

Dear choco people of earth

You know that time when your the only choco person around and you see something that no one else sees but if you see something no one else sees its considered over reacting

You know that random anime for when you go to anime conventions you see a crowd of fans with flags and outfits to fit the country. Why (yes you guessed it) there is nothing of black decent....Oh wait there is one
The smallest population of any African state.
(hey if there is another tell me of their importance)

Why? Well I was told that black is not considered attractive from where this is and you know what it is true, anywhere to be exact. Not to say its truth or mostly fact but for them it is, for main stream it is so as well I mean look at Bollywood. Just have to live with that.....not saying we should not say anything...still what is that going to do.

(all this for an anime? haha not really)

There wont be a day that black is considered beautiful, unless something dramatic happens. But face it when was the last time that happened before obama where they clearly tried to bring the white out from him? So here we are just sitting waiting for something to happen when in truth we are suppose to make it happen. So I guess we should just live with it. I hear you are more happier without the media and money. That woman that lived without spending money for 15 years said she is happier than ever....also healthier. Maybe one day ill be like that.....kind of looking forward to 2012. Could be new life or new media leaving the old to be dead. Starting a new that would be a good idea , and the only thing that can make all the media haha.

-random thought
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sushi and ulzzang

I did an ulzzang makeup tutorial so that is coming later if i'm not too lazy

So while you wait for that here is what I have snaked on the weekend....weekend
If you click on the sure you would want to kill me.
I just made myself hungry

You know how a place is going to taste by the ice cream.
It tatsed awesome and fresh

And now I want more
The food was awesome and im going back to that spot again.
Love short posts
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wearing the gyaru wig

But not with gyaru makeup I guess you Can call this ulzzang?
No photoshop here. Too lazy.

I never touch my eyebrows, one day.
Look how long the wig last , I wear it weekends almost every one.
I think the wig stand did justice

Well lets just call this a "picture spam" post. Need to do more of those
by the way, I have it up in the back for dancing easier in the party.

okay okay ill put up my tacky outfit XD

Short pants with stockings and a corset top.
I love corsets I need more.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bring out the faker

Edit: Nov 2012 haha.
I was suppose to edit this long time ago but at the time google or blogger was acting up. SO I gave but I'm back now on my word. Its something I wanted to happen, this person have changed and have apologizes and even though it was after a long time that dont matter. Time heals and helps and gladly it helped her. We are humans we make mistakes.

Im not going to take this down....why? To show that yes you can change for the better and maybe this post will help others. Don't give up and try to be the best you can be OMG THAT WAS SO CHEESY!!!.

Edit: May 31 the next day
I wanted her to come to me. I would of gladly took this down (I did leave a last comment for her before she did that to her account), talk help out something. Instead she erased her Deviant art account, guess she cant prove me wrong and on top of that do not want to learn from her mistakes. I wanted to take this down but I feel that wouldnt be right and wouldn't be realistic. Its a shame really shes only one year younger than me. When is she going to grow up and evolve if she is going to handicap herself like this. Ill use this experience and this post to help other artist.
Learn from her mistakes dont let tracing define you , use it as a tool to practice.
I dont have a problem with it. You learn from it, grow from it and soon add what you have to make it your own when it comes to style , fashion, music and even art. Now dont let it take over you, it is okay to learn from it but not take it entirely. You have to use it as a tool to grow and build your passion to your own unique style. Obviously not everyone knows this?

If you dont like people being put on the spot dont pass this sentence.
also I am mostly assuming , but the evidence is 90% on my side....maybe 80% people can improve.

-Kairi Mori

aka sweetlolikaikai aka skater-noxie is a self proclaimed artist....lolita artist. Her DeviantArt is full of beautiful art. They all are different in styles and dont look like the same person drew them but people style change in short periods. I mean your anime art is fine but your realism is perfect?

I do lurk on the secrets forms. Enough about me, one of kairi mori artworks have been posted there.
**Alert: the pictures that is posted is not owned by me, I have never said it was and am not using it for a promotion, sales, or of any kind to gain profit**

This was posted on Deviantart. I like to give advice when im on there.
Oh and I have.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michelle phan new video is a lie

Her new video (Fresh spring look) is in full HD. That is awesome, I have that but for some reason youtube dont want mine so I guess it is for if you are partnered. Is she really that self conscious of herself. Soon as the video started you are like what the hell...its too damn blurry. I mean blur in the right spots which is the back ground and in specific parts of her face which exclude the eyes lips and some other areas. She claimed

First off she is lying she is using a effect that is blurring out her blemishes. That is right people there is actually Photoshop for videos (dont belive those commercials for skin, look for reviews). It can be an option on the camera (im not sure for that one) or adobe after effects (im sure for this one). For example, you know those cop shows that have that pixelation box over people faces they dont want to expose?

Well that is the same technology just with the blur option. You can make your own face shape with points and draw out the parts you do not want to be blurred like the eyes or the mouth.

Here is another example. What HD 1080p really looks like

Here is Michelle
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


(haha dr.evil with an afro pick)
Until I got a recent message about hair I forgot there are natural haired gyarus out there, still not much but one to me is enough. It was time to let out my braids so I did some makeup and cha its possible, having a fro with gyaru make up that is. I just used one pin and I do not have gel or any products to hold it or style my fro yet cause I do not wear it out. Still I notice my fro is getting huge, and omg the fro-hawk looks awesome. If I figure out a way to do it I will definably do it.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

From then to now

With practice makes perfect. Some of these pictures was way back before I sarted ay style some is the processes and the to change. This is just a time travel post. I dont have all my pictures for some reason.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think its a gyaru wig

*put that tongue back in*
video is here
you can click the images for a closer look
Do not you? Its not too full but I think it looks like a Gyaru wig. I didnt do too much on the eye details and all. just a quick (very quick) makeup put together.

The con of this wig? When it gets in your eyes it hurts, and think of that with lens on. Its a bit annoying but the style just lets me put it back on again

Im going to wear this throughout my Boston trip this week end ^^
Shipping is about 3 - 4 days

This ebay seller you get to choose 3 Red Cherry lashes out of 30 pictures for a price of 6$ about 2$ shipping. The sellers name is shopstick168 and it came in no time. Maybe 4 days.

Baby Hair

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