Thursday, December 2, 2010

Michelle phan & the Phail Form(not blog)Gothic doll

I went to this blog out of suspicion; maybe even curious for why so much hate. But I went and it wasn`t so much of hate but of disappointed fans. I saw the proof and became disappointed on how much a liar she really is, even a bully, a shallow person and over all a "bad" attention seeker. I came on and became a member later to put some input of my own on how I was a fan as well and am sorry to find out about the bunny and the way she handles conflict to younger followers. Even the fake I came to see in her more recent videos.

Then it went south from there. The members hurry like rabid fans but as opposite. Finding anything to comment and hate on, bully and do exactly what she is doing to some others. They have became much more worst. And I am very sorry for their being.

Here is some waiting for the re-uploading of that Gothic Lolita doll.

Click for bigger
Here is basically the after

But dont worry there are still humans left.

And some that even notice the difference in the form
Here some that do the same what they claim Michelle to do to others. Call on physical appearance. Not the post itself but the implying many others do it all the time

This is basically better

What this have taught me?
No matter what, you can`t help but become what you hate.
Here is another one. Maybe you are what you hate.
Or yet another. Sometimes we just make mistakes. It just takes time to see or even correct them.


TheLovelyIfy said...

a liar and a bully? do these people know these things about her if they never met her to say that? All I know is I won't believe it until I see it.

Glee said...

Yeah they have proof of her of poor mr. bun bun, but its just getting to every little thing.

Starrla Jeph said...

i herd around that she was a lair.
never really witnessed it . i still love
her videos regardless of how she is in real life.

Coolio said...

So, very true.. but not very well known, as I see this type of ridiculous-ness happen often. Remember people, hate the bully, but don't become the bully yourself!