Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Max Pure G201 Green

Sorry for the blurry images but when your coughing every sec it gets annoying.
I don`t even know how I did the video this sick

That aside I ordered from kiwiberry1-collectionPackaging in bubble wrap and a fluffy envelope

and the shipping was very long about 3 weeks
the service was great, fast responce, seemed like they really love their customers

Now for the lens.
Even though my eyes was burning with heat fever I am still able to tell if lens are comfy or not
the others I ordered was very comfy, didn`t notice a thing
this on my right eye was a bit irritating
and both you can kind of feel are on.

these are a fun lens I plan to wear them allot when I want a natural look.

EXTRA / Feb 10

This time for
the shipping was under 2 weeks
I ordered again and this was my 3rd time. If they keep this up I will always come to buy, though I wont stop looking for better. Awesome site for circle lens
as of right now feb 2011

On the lens one side have actually became uncomfortable.
I dont like it , the design is lovely but the lens can become uncomfortable.


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

O: You look great with green! <3 (I don't wear it so well, myself-- oh well.)

Anyway, the Max Pure Greens are super vibrant. Wow~~. I hadn't seen on dark eyes before-- only on medium-brown-- but they show up really well~.

I'm excited to see how even more lenses turn out on you.. :]

Glee said...

aww thank ou so much Noxin ^^