Friday, November 5, 2010

What I am faults and likes

I am lazy
/ but not when it comes to work

I am an attention whore
/ when it comes to cosplay and makeup

I dont want to be left alone
/ But I adore my solitude

I am not great at grammar and spelling
/But have awesome common sense and imagination

I take bathes skipping days * wend-bath , thur-none, friday-bath, sat- none etc
/Only because my skin is very sensitive , if I take bathes everyday ill itch till I bleed.

same with hair though once a week
/Afro centric hair cant wash too much ,maybe pre wash with only water/conditioner thou.

I love drama
/when Im bored and have nothing to do on the internet

I love haters
/without them there are no lovers

I wont wear real fur
/I love eating wild meat

I judge allot
/but give chances later

I am a bitch
/But I feel sorry for people easily

I love to save
/but when art is in the way I love to spend

I wouldn't be alive today from my cancer
/if my family wasn't here for me

Its hard for me to say cancer
/Unless its meaningful or for an explanation

I think people who smoke are idiots
/but not retarded

I adore money
/only to evolve it into something new ( like half for a bank and the rest for reviews or business and art books) Yes it do solve most of your problems.