Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big spender rant

Haha , random image.
A question have came up on soompi (im always browsing there from being bored)
"would you rather buy bags fake or authentic?"
I dont care for names but more of for the eyes. I love colored random shapes and objects sheik , cute , bold whatever. Just a statement I do not care for names/brands. If I can get it cheap I sure will go for cheap and take off the name if its not needed. In summary I love fake bags.
It never destroy as fast as the original for me, (stop using that argument)
it never looks cheap *well some of the plastic kinds*
and if I dont want it anymore I do not have to worry about throwing money away
*well too much money*
what if it goes out of style.....I dont follow much style. haha

The argument for fake bags is child labor over and over again. Also the copy of work.
Copy of what? That is like saying kia is copying a lexus cause they look the same.
All you are buying is the name same for fur *love fake fur*, though leather I love the smell haha.
Besides if you are worried about the children , use all that money you are spending on bags and send to a charity. And on top of that you know how much it is to make those expensive bags? around 10$ - 30$.
They also have child labor, both ways.
Stop using the excuse of Im buying these expensive bags because of the children or what have you.
If you like the high image
say that.
Youll get judged either way. It makes you happy. Good for you...well not if you have rent....or children to take care of.......end of this /rant