Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is whoring/sex our era or just a phase

I do not think education is here for us in the era of 2000. Its all about drama.
I am guilty myself of liking drama,but I do not make a life out of it and I have reality shows for the filling already. Also my grammar is of a Jr high I may think for myself, but working very hard on that. Yes judge me, ill try to care.

-girl wants money for college and only got the amount of cents.

-girl who wants a breast job gets it in a jiffy (peanut butter)

I know men love breast but really? Are we stuck with the mentality of women still as sex and objects. Forget education we dont need it. Lets hop on it for our first years of being young and soon as children and aging occur, on to the next girl. btw, how are you going to maintain your breast now when your old and not desired.

Yet education last much longer, and this girl is on the bridge of 200k in debt yelling for help. (I fell so much for her I want to go back to college bad, but without enough money its basically impossible, I may have to get books and hit the library and save for my computer and learn myself).

In order to get money for like say education or even for playful things, you have to show your sex. Could be sexy "look at you tube minx and her cleavage, then look at the comments...all milk still left on upper lip boys"
cuteness "look at magibon and that new one"
fake people " look at Xiaxue and Michelle phan" and dont forget the drama
which involved "xx and mp"

Its either you become sheep or find another way for girls to follow that dont involve college "which equals money" and showing off the goods.

But I can give XX gives truth. With this drama come along and people adore this. So look out world maybe we have something here. I`ll have to be true because no matter the path taken, you`ll have haters either way.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

pat pat

I have realized I pull on my face way too much when doing a makeup tut or makeup in general.
Ill have to be more gentle to myself, less tugging , gentle pats of the brush around my eyes most defiantly.
~Just a note to myself
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Piece of sh*t

I let my "Pa" test it *thank god*. He never ever not finished a game before.
You cant build up your power for a fight, because as you do this so does the enemy power go up with you. WHAT IS THE POINT. That is a big deal for me
and the exploring. There was none at the beginning only near the end
I sold it back to gamestop.......you know how much I got?.......
$6 compared to the original $20
After 10 even 10-x....FF is dead.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nail polish review

Sephora`s small bottle of goodness
$5 not including tax
Name: Picnic in the park (L13)
Status: so far I love it. I took a sample of it before
and that sample on my nail lasted 2 weeks without any top coating
Its a beautiful ad bright color for my skin type.
Goes on so smooth and the big stubby brush is awesome to paint with.
so small for $5 but it seems as thought
it will last long cause youll buy more smaller ones.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big spender rant

Haha , random image.
A question have came up on soompi (im always browsing there from being bored)
"would you rather buy bags fake or authentic?"
I dont care for names but more of for the eyes. I love colored random shapes and objects sheik , cute , bold whatever. Just a statement I do not care for names/brands. If I can get it cheap I sure will go for cheap and take off the name if its not needed. In summary I love fake bags.
It never destroy as fast as the original for me, (stop using that argument)
it never looks cheap *well some of the plastic kinds*
and if I dont want it anymore I do not have to worry about throwing money away
*well too much money*
what if it goes out of style.....I dont follow much style. haha

The argument for fake bags is child labor over and over again. Also the copy of work.
Copy of what? That is like saying kia is copying a lexus cause they look the same.
All you are buying is the name same for fur *love fake fur*, though leather I love the smell haha.
Besides if you are worried about the children , use all that money you are spending on bags and send to a charity. And on top of that you know how much it is to make those expensive bags? around 10$ - 30$.
They also have child labor, both ways.
Stop using the excuse of Im buying these expensive bags because of the children or what have you.
If you like the high image
say that.
Youll get judged either way. It makes you happy. Good for you...well not if you have rent....or children to take care of.......end of this /rant
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

DollyEye Browns

Video = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvKiImNO-qY
Click pictures for bigger
review below

Dolly eye brown review

Color: 5/5 for ho bright and noticeable it is
4/5 for being more yellow than brown

Design: 2/5 for persons who want a real or natural look. This is definably not for you.
but 5/5 for people like me who do not care but just want the lens or eyes to be noticed

Vision: 3/5 for blurriness. If you want something that don't blur you get 14.5 or high. Not sure if any as bright as this though

Size: 14.2 is not large for me. but it defiantly gives something extra.

Comfort : 4/5 It sometime is a bother and itches *I have 2 dogs* but its a good fit, not the best its a bit heavy compared to other lenses

Overall & recommendation
5/5 You want color
If you are to buy this in the first place you obviously wanted color. If you wanted more enlargement its there but not all the way, if you really wanted brown well its not all the way either which is for you both 4/5.

But if you wanted color its a defiant 5/5
This is used for the in your face, I do not care what you think of me persons.
No natural here, cause you don not care.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Udoli and me. Im tired

EDIT: I have cooled down and yet going to try one last time.
Maybe 3 is the charm.

"Its not you doll.
I have been with udoli awhile and it seems it will never get anywhere. Every time something is finalized and done with, there is always wanting of change usually drastically, and all over again. Because of the fear of other people thoughts and criticizing nothing will ever go forward. How are we to start if we have never started yet of anything. Im kind of tired, and dont think I can start this discussion of udoli all over again . Nothing is ever strong and defined and with this nothing of udoli will ever move. No wonder many are confused, so much change in only some months, no one knows which to follow. Ill just do what I usually do and just call it a style I have. All that hard work and discussions to please as many as we can was basically a joke. You cant please anyone no matter of how much you care for it. If udoli grows to the same or completely different I may be there later or never. Ill just stay in the background till its (maybe it can be) final. Or become a lurker who knows."

A response I made. I feel to give up and just move on. I think I might thou
I wont abandon udoli, but since the past members disappeared a new generation comes in. And you know what that means. Lets change yet again. The mention of udoli can be called furries and people will judge and think this way is the complaints. Who cares, I don't, we shouldn't.

Anyone out there, whats style should I do now. Or maybe Ill just do what I do and just be my own creature.

I am just too tired of this changing. It will never be stable if this happens every year.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

What I am faults and likes

I am lazy
/ but not when it comes to work

I am an attention whore
/ when it comes to cosplay and makeup

I dont want to be left alone
/ But I adore my solitude

I am not great at grammar and spelling
/But have awesome common sense and imagination

I take bathes skipping days * wend-bath , thur-none, friday-bath, sat- none etc
/Only because my skin is very sensitive , if I take bathes everyday ill itch till I bleed.

same with hair though once a week
/Afro centric hair cant wash too much ,maybe pre wash with only water/conditioner thou.

I love drama
/when Im bored and have nothing to do on the internet

I love haters
/without them there are no lovers

I wont wear real fur
/I love eating wild meat

I judge allot
/but give chances later

I am a bitch
/But I feel sorry for people easily

I love to save
/but when art is in the way I love to spend

I wouldn't be alive today from my cancer
/if my family wasn't here for me

Its hard for me to say cancer
/Unless its meaningful or for an explanation

I think people who smoke are idiots
/but not retarded

I adore money
/only to evolve it into something new ( like half for a bank and the rest for reviews or business and art books) Yes it do solve most of your problems.
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