Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GnG GBT Blue circle lens review

Just like ordinary contacts

Like I said just like ordinary contacts. Its the same size as dollyeye lens
but do not have the black ring, which give hardly any size at all

Now I like dramatic color. If you have contacts and paying for it, why not make something of it.
Now these are good for a statement in light and normal light which is a bit of dark deep blue
people will notice if talking to you.

Person/s who is starting out in colored circle lens
person/s who want color for cheap

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

dissision and web site problems

ugh im so upset im having problems with my site programs so I cant update it.
Its ruining my day right now.

Thanks to Mazzy elf doll for showing me the fennce fox. I thought it looked like Eevee for the huge ears and I wanted to finally use my water markers and.....I went overboard with the lineart. Here is s short story for her. You do not have to read it. Actually dont only mazzy is allowed And I hope she is a pokemon fan.

ill just have to go through with it....naw im too upset.

too see bigger it will be uploaded to my DA
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Monday, September 20, 2010

winter coat , ravendor scarf

Love this look from Burlington coat factory. My tom tom bought it for me
along with his chessy remarks like * I can keep you warm all winter*
<.< Like the dog hair?
lint brush definably a buy this weekend
I got my ravenclaw scarf.
Im more of a ravendor thou.
Book colors is the original dont give me that blue and silver
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pleaser Colonial Pilgrim ebay shoes

*I keep posting in the wrong blog*
for my cosplay
and using for everyday


very comfy already covered in my dogs fur
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Alice in wonderland commission

Only one side is alice and the other is kingdom hearts.
so ill call it Alice kingdom.

How I got the idea?
alice=weird=cat=weird=caterpillar smoke=do weird things
and there you have it. Its not finished yet still need to sheen it
haha , posted in the wrong one

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