Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art 0.7 Progress

I hate the clean up part
This it the characters
Name: To solia!
Characters: Shiva and Lifrit/Ifrit

I was drawing and sketching 2 other pieces I want to do. One is a commission and the other is more development of my character. Like I always say its like a puzzle which I love to solve , but take my time with it. Anyway I was on solia and my avatar shiva have changed her outfit. I wanted to do new art. But I also wanted something fast. So I sat myself and said "here is what im going to do. when I draw in pen I draw fast" So I decided to draw in pen....then the pigma pen came in. And it was a great marriage. This is so much more than mix media for me. Of course when there is pen you can make mistakes. I have, but PS will take care of it *I drew in the wrong line and the wings were too big on one side.* Other than that I love this piece. Its not perfect but I have to say at least in anime relation im getting better. Maybe cause Im going toward the realistic realm. Well duh that is basically it.
The reason I drew Ifrit in an awkward kind of pose is obvious hopefully. Un tamed , bad posture, kind of facing away. And then Shiva in a pulling motion, her cloud is parted from the landing and leaning to her right, wings wide open for balance. trying to convince lfrit to go down to TS.

I try to pay more attention like this into heart.

I hate clean up. the lines on the ends were blurry.
I drew on a bigger paper then expected. And I dont want to take it out of my sketch book.