Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art 0.7 Progress

I hate the clean up part
This it the characters
Name: To solia!
Characters: Shiva and Lifrit/Ifrit

I was drawing and sketching 2 other pieces I want to do. One is a commission and the other is more development of my character. Like I always say its like a puzzle which I love to solve , but take my time with it. Anyway I was on solia and my avatar shiva have changed her outfit. I wanted to do new art. But I also wanted something fast. So I sat myself and said "here is what im going to do. when I draw in pen I draw fast" So I decided to draw in pen....then the pigma pen came in. And it was a great marriage. This is so much more than mix media for me. Of course when there is pen you can make mistakes. I have, but PS will take care of it *I drew in the wrong line and the wings were too big on one side.* Other than that I love this piece. Its not perfect but I have to say at least in anime relation im getting better. Maybe cause Im going toward the realistic realm. Well duh that is basically it.
The reason I drew Ifrit in an awkward kind of pose is obvious hopefully. Un tamed , bad posture, kind of facing away. And then Shiva in a pulling motion, her cloud is parted from the landing and leaning to her right, wings wide open for balance. trying to convince lfrit to go down to TS.

I try to pay more attention like this into heart.

I hate clean up. the lines on the ends were blurry.
I drew on a bigger paper then expected. And I dont want to take it out of my sketch book.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warmth of the people, DA meet

Never that much I got random pictures out of cosplay. It was so inspiring. One photographer in central park liked my look. The pictures was awesome. I cant wait to get them. The camera was so beautiful. So did another photographer. I would tell you the name when but its in my wallet. I think his name is Alejandro/Alex. Also a beautiful camera and shoots im sure. Then this couple in the mid of 42 street in the gelato <-- "I think its spelled" store . All 5 of them wanted to take pictures with me. Yes this is a boost in self esteem but also these people was so beautiful and so warm. It was more of an unknown friendship with the world. It was a like a in a second love for people. Id wish everything was as warm as this. Thank god im kind of used to cosplay. Or I would of been confused or actually I dont know how id I would feel.

On other note the DA meet was really fun. Spaz taped most of it. Im still not used to Vlogging soon I shall , but I took pictures. Everyone was so friendly and fun and we drew plenty things also I drew trinity on the sheet of canvas and joe colab on it so did someone else which we still dont know who haha.
We went to eat after at hard rock cafe spaz and I. Then went for gelato and finally came home to watch the star trek movie. Awesome movie I may tell you. We paused to see R2D2. WE SAW IT haha.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party Party carribean Party

Was my pa's birthday on july 4th.
Mom in orange father in july colors playing the
grater <--- is that how you spell it.
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Hopefully the site is working
getting my school applications done

Ready to go back to school. I want to work man
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