Friday, June 11, 2010


Phillicia Deanell. I dont use my last name cause one day I will be married , and if I loose the battle of taking may last name ill have his/her name. You never know. Anyway a start of a blog about things about you about me about people about trees what ever. Ill just type. Hopefully I dont have to spell check but sure enough I will have to. I want to build my vocabulary as well so maybe this will help me. *doubt it*

Whatever welcome to my blog , about my art my life my days going by.

I hope I speak of people I enjoy , love and hate. You know you love the hate and drama. As so do I it Keeps things interesting. Just have places for that. Like somewhere where its not in the work place , or in the family. Or a close close friendship and amongst ourselves. Unless their back stabbing or wicked. Now that is what I love to bash or hate on. Hey I call it healthy. Its an emotion and you have to let it out. And dont give me the you shouldn't go on their level. I say we are all created equal. I make mistakes and learn from it, and hopefully others do that same. Lets hope this is not an mistake and if so ill learn from it.

Im generally a nice person, shy, down to earth, love to hear opinions and work things out, put myself in other shoes allot, emotional and most times forgiving. But I do have lines. You step over it you might get a chance , but if its something I feel that I can be stubborn about, Ill keep my heart black. I insult, damage, break people. Not much people know of this other than my family of course. Its one of my "learn from my mistakes" to keep a grudge . Now now dont think I cant say good morning or goodnight to a person. But that same person will stay on a label. A label that can carry me so far into conversation or anything personal. Im done with this post. Time for another.